PyLadies PyCon Proposal Party at DjangoCon 2012

Girl Geeks    DjangoCon    PyCon    2012-10-22

Thank you, DC PyLadies, for hosting the first ever PyLadies PyCon Proposal Party! Jacqueline Kazil and Katie Cunningham organized the event, which took place at this year's DjangoCon (September 3rd through September 8) in Washington, D.C.

On Wednesday, September 5, around ten of the estimated forty women attending the conference got together in the PyLadies suite for an evening of socializing and idea-sharing. With the September 28 PyCon call for submissions deadline looming, we focused on working in small groups to form and discuss ideas. As the evening progressed, there was plenty of time and energy for writing proposal drafts. We also went around the room presenting our topics, fine-tuning the drafts with immediate feedback, and several proposals were submitted by the end of the night.

Now the waiting begins to see who will be standing in front of the microphone when PyCon returns to Santa Clara from March 13th through March 21st, 2013. Accepted talks and tutorials should be announced on December 1, 2012, with the full conference schedule to follow on December 15.

The rule was that anyone submitting a talk proposal would walk away with a Chicago!