Generating seed data for PHPUnit tests

I'm working on a pretty massive test harness for a custom framework extension - I won't bore anyone with the details, but I'm using PHPUnit, and for our particular implementation I needed to generate ... Read more


On being a girl in a guy's world

The question has been raised on many occasions: Why there aren't more women in the Python community, or even the programming community at large? I have at least one answer: It's hard to trust that ... Read more

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Barbara Liskov wins Turing Award

This is about a month late, but I wanted to make some mention of it before too much time has passed. In March, the news broke that Barbara Liskov was the winner of this year's Turing Award. You ... Read more

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East Coast vs. West Coast - It's On

Django Dash, "a chance for Django enthusiasts to flex their coding skills", is coming at the end of May. The idea is to give developers a weekend to build a site - any site - with high scores given t ... Read more


Posting to the Twitter API

Just to provide a little bit of context, I'm working on a project that will be similar to secrettweet. Users will be able to post anonymous messages. Those messages will be reviewed manually through ... Read more