What I Learned From DjangoGirls

In September of this year, in conjunction with DjangoCon 2015, I helped to organize a DjangoGirls event in Austin, TX. This isn't meant to be a comprehensive overview of the class - many other orga ... Read more

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Coming Back From Burnout

I have some bad news. I'm not a self-help guru or a motivational speaker. I don't have any magical solutions. All you're going to hear from me is plain common sense. But if you're here and you're id ... Read more


Public Speaking for Nerds

I was not born with an abundance of natural self-confidence. I barely spoke to anyone at the first few conferences I attended. Hallway track? Nah. Naturally, I was an avowed non-presenter for ye ... Read more

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Customizing a Django RSS Feed

The Framework: Django 1.3 (not my choice!) The Mission: Create an RSS feed that includes an extra field for full story content, plus a few additional fields for images I know. It's 2015 and we'r ... Read more

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PyCon 2014

I just want to pop in here briefly and let everyone know that PyCon 2014 went well! It's a few weeks in the past already, but I've been busy with a lot of follow-up projects ever since I got back. ... Read more

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