Simple Parsing Script

A simple script to parse plain text files (in this case pipe-delimited), then write the rows to a table. Take a look at the sample text file - the fields in the first row should match the column head ... Read more


PyCon 2009 Wrap-Up

I was a little nervous about going - with less than a year of Python under my belt, I still feel like a relative newbie. And the last few months of my life have been dominated by PHP (hey, that's wha ... Read more

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Happy (belated) Ada Lovelace Day

Whoa, look at the date on that last post. A lot has changed since then - I went back to work in a PHP shop, all the while intending to keep doing Python/Django on the side, but I haven't been able to ... Read more

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The ubiquity of vi

Whenever a conversation about tools comes up, I find myself, inevitably, putting on a sheepish grin and confessing that yes, in fact, I am a vi user. And I'll be honest - in my early days as a deve ... Read more

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Git on Mac OS X

Okay, forget what I just said about svn on OS X. This week, I'm moving one of my projects into a private repo on github. Why? Well, obviously because it's the new hotness. Because all the kids are ... Read more

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Book Meme

"Thus two separate source program files, each of which contains the definition int a; either represent an error (if the linker prohibits duplicate external variables) or will share a single instance o ... Read more


Taking the ugly out of Django comments

Django comments are pretty easy to implement - most of what you need to get access to the app and template tags is covered in the documentation: ... Read more