I wish I could say I were more excited about yesterday's merge of the newforms-admin branch into the Django trunk. Of course, I think it's great - all those inner Admin classes in my models never rea ... Read more


Dynamic choices on a ForeignKey field

One proviso before I get started - this example works with the old (as of a few days ago) version of admin, prior to the newforms-admin merge, where the models still use inner admin classes. I haven' ... Read more


Waiting for Djangocon tickets

Ugh - still no word on DjangoCon tickets, although the site is up and most of the schedule has been announced. Meanwhile, if you'd like to contribute to the Django Software Foundation, they've put ... Read more

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DjangoCon 2008 I'm holding out hope that I might actually get to go to this, if only because I live and work nearby. It's September 6-7, 2008, at the GooglePlex (and really, who doesn't want a pee ... Read more

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Testing Django apps

Running tests To launch testing, run from the project folder, passing in 'test' as an argument: ./ test Writing tests You can embed doctests in your, or create a s ... Read more


update locate database for Mac Os X

Here's one of those little things I do frequently, but never remember the command. The 'locate' command searches a file name database that is updated weekly (I think the default update time is 4:30 ... Read more

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