My weird health issues

If we're connected on Facebook, you've probably already seen bits and pieces of this story. Is it weird to be talking about my health problems on what is ostensibly a tech blog? Maybe. But there ar ... Read more


My next new challenge

2013 has brought some big changes - more teaching, my first forays into public speaking, a lot of energy devoted to community organizing, and a newly minted membership in the PSF. As of today, I'm ... Read more


Conference survey - I need your input

I'm putting together some new teaching materials, and I need your help. Every day I meet people in the programming community - not just women - who have never been to an open source conference, nev ... Read more


School Visit - April 19, 2013

It's been a long, busy spring filled with teaching and speaking experiences, and I capped it all off last Friday with a visit to a local elementary school. The school visit was arranged as part of ... Read more

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My Saturday evening lightning talk

In which I speak in front of a bajillion people ... Okay, it was possibly not that many people. Total attendance for PyCon 2013 was around 2500, and the auditorium was pretty packed for Saturday n ... Read more

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Amazing things to do with a Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi got another mention on Boing Boing last week, promoting a brief sampling of some of the wonderful things you can do with it: "Raspberry Pi, the tiny, cheap and hackable computer ... Read more


Intro to Python, April 6 - Recap

This past weekend, I helped a bright group of Austin women take their initial steps into the Python world. Austin PyLadies' first women's 'Intro to Python' class took place on Saturday, April 6th. O ... Read more


PyTexas 2013

The dates and location for this years's PyTexas have finally been announced! PyTexas 2013 will be taking place over three days - August 16th, 17th, and 18th - in College Station, on the A&M Univers ... Read more