converting tabs to spaces in vi

This is mostly for my own personal reference - just one of those little things I use frequently and always forget how to set up: If you're writing Python, then you know that indentation is, uhm, so ... Read more

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SVN on Mac OS X

It's a few years old, but this article on downloading and installing svn for OS X is still the best and most useful: Building Subversion (SVN) on Mac OS X [Hive Logic] Installing is the hard par ... Read more

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An as-yet unsolved multi-DB problem

Originally posted to the Django users group: "We're building a couple of different projects - one social network-y site, and one that's bloglike. So each has its own unique database, but they do s ... Read more


Slimming down your project's admin

Speaking of slimming down, I was just at the gym, listening to the most recent episode of This Week in Django on my iPod (not exactly the best workout motivation, but it was what I had with me at the ... Read more