Custom template tags in Django

In various places in my project's site navigation, I need to be able to include dynamic content. For example, there will be a sidebar on the left that should always show a list of categories, with ea ... Read more


A terrific Django podcast

I'm generally of the opinion that any podcast needs to stay around the 20-minute mark to be effective - in this short-attention-span world, anything longer than that tends to lose my interest and gets ... Read more


PDF downloads in Django

Django is really good at serving up dynamic content. So generating a PDF dynamically from your data is easy: But a download of a sta ... Read more


I'm going to DjangoCon!

In like Flynn "To be quickly and/or emphatically successful." I was up at 4-fricking-30 this morning, on the off chance that I might be able to get in on the first round of DjangoCon tickets to be ... Read more

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Pagination: it's not pretty, but it works

I wanted a simpler solution than django-pagination. Django-pagination looks easy to implement, particularly thanks to Eric Florenzano's stellar screencast, but the actual installation process isn't v ... Read more