Managing mp3 Files with eyeD3

I'm more than a little bit OCD when it comes to managing my music collection. It's huge, and I like to keep the files named with a certain pattern so that when I look at the archive I can see, at a g ... Read more


DjangoCon 2011 Follow-Up

I'm not even going to try and do a full overview - maybe if I'd been taking notes nonstop, but otherwise there were too many smart people, too many great discussions, and too many exciting times to ... Read more


Making A Comeback

It's time to revive this blog. It's been too long since I've written about anything pertinent to programming - it's not that there hasn't been a lot happening, but life has been busy and my trajector ... Read more


cElementTree ftw!

My mission was simple - to crawl all of our artist databases, extract names and email addresses from a couple of different tables, and spin out some custom XML. The tables - one for complete user p ... Read more