PyLadies represents at PyCon 2013

Python    PyCon    2012-12-13

PyCon talks were announced last week, and this year a record number of them are being given by women in the Python community. Of the 114 talks accepted, almost 15% will be presented by female speakers.

Here's the run-down - be sure to add these to your schedule when PyCon comes to Santa Clara, CA in March of 2013:

How to Except When You're Excepting: An introduction to the practice of exception handling
Esther Nam (PyLadies LA)

What teachers really need from us: What teachers say about what they need and what the Python community has to offer K-12 classrooms.
Selena Deckelmann (PyLadies PDX)

Using Python To Generate Art And Sound: Navigating the Python audio/imaging landscape
Audrey M. Roy (PyLadies LA)

Lessons Learned in Teaching Python
Alexandra Strong, Christine Cheung (PyLadies LA)

Location, Location, Location: Building a Django application that needs to handle geographic location data
Julia Grace (PyLadies SF)

Who are we? A sociological analysis of the indigenous Python tribe
Jacqueline Kazil (PyLadies DC)

Sink or swim: 5 life jackets to throw to New Coders
Lynn Root (PyLadies SF)

Twisted Logic: Endpoints and Why You Shouldn't Be Scared of Twisted
Ashwini Oruganti (India)

Scaling community diversity outreach
Asheesh Laroia, Jessica McKellar, Dana Bauer (with Daniel Choi)

Visualizing Github, Part I: Data to Information: Practical data visualization with Python and web technologies
Dana Bauer (with Idan Gazit) (Philadelphia)

Scrapy: it GETs the web: How to use the Scrapy library (for scraping and more)
Asheesh Laroia (Philadelphia)

How the Internet works: An introduction to the Internet's structure and protocols through fun experiments from the Python perspective
Jessica McKellar

Designers + Developers: Collaborating on your Python project: Working in developer/designer teams
Julia Elman (with Mark Lavin)

Plover: Thought to Text at 240 WPM
Mirabai Knight (New York)

SimpleCV - Computer Vision using Python: What computer vision is, why it's useful, what tools exist, and how to apply it to your project
Katherine Scott (Michigan)

Chef: Automating web application infrastructure
Kate Heddleston (San Francisco)

Community Event Planning
Christie Koehler (Portland)

Congratulations to all of the PyLadies members - and to all of the smart, accomplished women in the Python community who had talks accepted for 2013!

PyCon 2013 takes place from March 13-21, 2013 in Santa Clara, California. For more information, or to register, check out the web site: