PyLadies Has Arrived In Longhorn Country!

Python    Django    Girl Geeks    2012-11-26

Austin, Texas, known for its live music scene and hosting of the annual music and technology festival SXSW, is also home to a vibrant startup and programming community.

Local Pythonistas are numerous enough to justify two separate meetup groups - one focused on web development, and a second centered around science and academia.

Women are also well-represented, with a local GirlDevelopIt chapter (led by Garann Means), Rails Girls ATX, and a monthly all-girl hack night.

And now we have PyLadies, here to represent the women of Austin's Python community. The aim of PyLadies ATX, organized by Barbara Shaurette, is to help female Python developers (from aspiring to experienced) to grow in their careers in technology. In addition to working with local programmers, we're also planning to reach out to women in computer science programs at local colleges (such as the University of Texas) and eventually on outreach to computer science teachers in the area. As with other PyLadies chapters around the nation, the Austin group will support women through a combination of teaching/learning and social space.

The first PyLadies ATX meetup will take place after the hustle and bustle of the holidays has passed - look for an announcement for mid-January.

For more information, check out the meetup page at, and follow on Twitter at