ooh, I really could have used this last week

Django    2008-08-11

I love it when I'm re-reading a page in the Django documentation, and, suddenly, out of the blue, something appears that I swear was not there last week. I spent so much time last week beating my head against a wall (figuratively speaking), trying to come up with ways to access the request in the admin so that I could set a user id, among other things. Sure, I found a few suggested solutions from other users in the community, but they all involved clumsy hacks that seemed like more trouble than they were worth. This morning, I went back to re-read the admin documentation, hoping to find some inspiration, and this magically appeared: ModelAdmin methods I'm not crazy. It really wasn't there until today: Changeset 8266 - Added ModelAdmin.save_model() and ModelAdmin.save_formset() methods [Simon Willison]