My next new challenge

Personal    2013-05-07

2013 has brought some big changes - more teaching, my first forays into public speaking, a lot of energy devoted to community organizing, and a newly minted membership in the PSF.

As of today, I'm taking the next great step - this time in my career - by joining the team at Cox Media Group. I'll be part of a crew managing the digital presence of dozens of media properties across the country. I'm pretty excited about joining such an accomplished team - there's a lot of learning and growth in my future, as well as a lot of opportunities to bring some innovation to the media space. I can't wait to get started.

This week, I'm in Atlanta getting up to speed and meeting everyone. However I'll still be based in Austin, so nothing changes in terms of my involvment with SciPy and PyTexas. There's even another beginner workshop in the planning stages (no dates yet, but that will probably take place in July).