Looking Ahead

Personal    2016-07-22

After nearly four years at my current company, I am looking for something new. I love my team, and I'd happily stay here longer (the challenges laid at my feet over the years have been exciting). But the business has made a decision to eliminate Python, sunsetting all the current projects by the end of this year, so I am beginning my search for a new software development opportunity.

Who I am and what I do

  • I've been a backend developer for 15+ years, writing Python for about half of that.
  • I'm happiest in a role with elements of both dev and devops.
  • I'm very involved in the Python community, as a speaker, organizer and educator.

What's important to me

  • Python: I'd enjoy a role that incorporates other languages, but Python must be one of them.
  • Remote: I've been working remotely for the last decade. The communication and planning tools are all second nature to me.
  • Challenging: Busy environments with a variety of tooling and application types are a great learning and teaching opportunity.

My favorite parts of dev work: Debugging, scripting, writing APIs, writing tests, deleting code, managing releases, optimizing data stores, writing documentation

The parts I could live without: Front-end work (I'm not opposed to writing CSS and JavaScript, they're just not my favorite things).

The nuts and bolts of my software development background are in my online resume, and I've got a lot of professional recommendations on LinkedIn.

Feel free to contact me at barbara.shaurette@gmail.com.

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