An as-yet unsolved multi-DB problem

Django    2008-10-09

Originally posted to the Django users group:

    "We're building a couple of different projects - one social network-y site, and one that's bloglike. So each has its own unique database, but they do share one common set of content.

    I've created a third "common" project to hold the base models, at least - the model inheritance seems to be working, but for instances of each class, each project is still looking to its own database.

    Obviously, I don't want to recreate that same content in each database - I need to be able to maintain it in just one common database. But I can't figure out how to get the blog and network projects to look to this common database for this specific piece of content.

    I'm just looking for ideas - I realize this falls within the realm of multi-DB support, which is sort-of-there-but-not-really. Am I going to have to resort to raw SQL to hit this third database? Has anyone solved this problem and if so, what was your strategy?"